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23 January 1968
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Who am I... I'm a daughter, a twin sister with 5 other siblings, a girlfriend, an aunt, a neice, a cousin, a friend. What is important to me? To live each day with a purpose by making a difference in the lives of others whose paths I cross, being the best I can in my job as a Quality Coordinator for and Early Learning Coalition and last but not least a devoted girlfriend whose love is unconditional, who sees the best in her boyfriend at all times, raises him up with his accomplishments and endeavors, and provides him support and encouragement in every area of his life...
america's got talent, cardio endurance, charlaine harris, early childhood education background., exercise, extreme makeover; books-harry potter, fitness, healthy, jodi picoult, law and order, losing inches, losing pounds, losing weight, lost, lowfat, music-70's-90's; tv shows heroes, nanny 911, rebra, stephenie meyer, supernanny